MULTIMEDIA ARTIST | Environmentalist

About Me

CÉGEP de l'Outaouais

In Multimedia Integration
Minor: Philosophy and Litterarure
From: 2015-2019

Being passionate about computers and graphical arts from a young age, I was accepted in 2015 in the Multimedia Integration Technical Program at the CÉGEP de l'Outaouais.

This program is probably one of the most concentrated program this school has to offer. It included a significant section of the cinema industry such as working with green screens, professional cameras and camcorders, montage, special and after effects, 2D/3D animation techniques, etc. It included a fair portion in advertisement and marketing industry such as photography, information flow and graphic design (image editing, illustrations and typographies). But the biggest section of it was web developpement.

From there we learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL, and I later learned C# and .NET on my own. We learnt how to create websites from scratch hand-coded as well as how to use web-builders such as WordPress. We learnt how to make HTML games and web applications too.